In 2016, Morten Group concluded a two-year community engagement role in recruitment, data collection, and event management for an NIH-funded study at the University of Chicago College of Medicine called “Your Voice! Your Health!,” a study focused around LGBTQ people of color and their relationship to health care providers. The study explored shared decision making, or SDM, a collaborative process that enables healthcare providers and patients to make informed health care decisions together.

The study contained three phases:

  1. Review: a systematic review of key issues in SDM among LGBTQ people of color.
  2. Research: The team conducted research, seeking input and feedback on desired shared decision making goals from diverse stakeholders (including patients, clinicians, organizations, community groups, and health care delivery systems) representing LGBTQ people of color.
  3. Tool Development: The project developed tools to help stakeholders implement and evaluate SDM interventions in LGBTQ POC populations.

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