program evaluation

With an emphasis on participatory action tools, Morten Group utilizes formative and summative program evaluation to support our clientele in shaping, improving, and transforming programs for greater effectiveness. We offer early-stage, mid point and long-term evaluation, applying methodological tools that support a robust understanding of strengths and key improvement areas in programs, and engaging stakeholders in the development of evaluation toolkits customized to their goals and needs.

Morten Group Program Evaluation Tools Include:

  • Implementation review
  • Logic models
  • Program content reviews
  • Quantitative analysis of designs
  • Mixed-method research
  • Case studies
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Social media/network analysis
  • Secondary data research
  • Focus groups
  • Town Hall listening sessions

Our program evaluation services also include regular project team briefings, data quality reports and analysis products geared to multiple audiences, including youth, caregivers, leaders and people directly implementing programs, as needed.