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Monique Brunson Jones

Client: Forefront

Position: President & CEO

Bio: Monique B. Jones on LinkedIn

ángela munguía

Client: AMPT: Advancing Nonprofits

Position: Executive Director

Bio: ángela m. munguía on LinkedIn

Kheira Issaoui-Mansouri

Client: Irving Harris Foundation

Position: Program Officer

Bio: Kheira Issaoui-Mansouri on LinkedIn

Saskia Harak

Client: Jane Addams Senior Caucus

Position: Executive Director

Bio: Saskia Harak on LinkedIn

Hickory Gateless

Client: Northwest Justice Project

Position: Deputy Director

Bio: Hickory Gateless on LinkedIn

Sandy T. Williams

Client: Between Friends

Position: Executive Director

Bio: Sandy T. Williams on LinkedIn

Jose Alicea

Client: Mary Crane Center

Position: Human Resources Director

Bio: Jose Alicea on LinkedIn

Audwin Barnes

Client: Erie Family Health Centers

Position: Director of Talent Acquisition and Management

Bio: Audwin Barnes on LinkedIn

Jose Muñoz

Client: La Casa Norte

Position: Executive Director

Bio: Jose Muñoz on LinkedIn

Valeria Stokes, Ed.D.

Client: Erie Family Health Centers

Position: Vice President of Human Resources

Bio: Valeria Stokes, Ed.D. on LinkedIn

Michelle Morales

Client: Woods Fund Chicago

Position: President

Bio: Michelle Morales on LinkedIn

José Rico

Client: Woods Fund Chicago

Position: Director, Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (THRT)

Bio: José Rico on LinkedIn

Ruth McFarlane

Client: Ms. Foundation for Women

Position: Vice President of Advancement

Bio: Ruth McFarlane on LinkedIn

Marie Kurose

Client: Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Bio: Marie Kurose on LinkedIn

Gabrielle Lyon

Client: Illinois Humanities

Position: Executive Director

Bio: Gabrielle Lyon on LinkedIn

Danielle Perry

Client: Growing Home

Position: Executive Director

Bio: Danielle Perry on LinkedIn

Katie Carter

Client: Pride Foundation

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Bio: Katie Carter on LinkedIn

Raniyah Copeland

Client: Black AIDS Institute

Position: President and Chief Executive Officer

Bio: Raniyah Copeland on Linked In

Tuyet Ngo

Client: Vietnamese Association of Illinois

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Bio: Tuyet Ngo on LinkedIn

Rahwa PUSH

Rahwa Ghirmatzion

Client: PUSH Buffalo

Position: Executive Director

Bio: Rahwa Ghirmatzion on Grist

Verneé R. Green

Client: Mikva Challenge

Position: Chief Program Officer

Bio: Verneé R. Green on LinkedIn


Alicia Vega

Client: Changing Worlds

Position: Executive Director


sharmali majmudar

Sharmili Majmudar

Client: Women Employed

Position: Director of Strategic Partnerships


Russell Roybal

Russell Roybal

Client: San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Positon: Chief Organizational Advancement Officer


David J. Johns

David J. Johns

Client: National Black Justice Coalition

Position: Executive Director