Since its founding in 2001, Morten Group has worked through a lens of social justice, with an emphasis on racial equity initiatives. In the Fall of 2016, Morten Group launched its Equity and Inclusion Institute, which offers culturally informed solutions to important issues toward achieving equity at nonprofits and for-profits across the country.

All workshops are tailored to meet the individual needs of each organization. The process begins with an internal assessment, resulting in a summary report with key findings and recommendations. Following the reporting process, workshops are designed based on themes raised in the assessment. Workshops are interactive and can include scenario role plays and personal reflections, as well as participatory explorations of key terminology.

After the training/workshop has been completed, a brief post-training evaluation is sent out to the participants to assess efficacy and next steps for the organization.

Group Presentations
Pride Foundation presenting during their annual retreat. Anchorage, AK, 2018

Workshop Offerings

Custom tailored presentations, trainings, workshops, and retreats are available for your small or large group, and professional or community-based gatherings.

We recognize that each group has particular needs when it comes to engaging in equity and inclusion processes. Through a variety of offerings we work to tailor our engagement with groups based on your capacity as well as your history with engaging in equity and inclusion efforts.

Our presentations are generally offered for 30-90 minutes and provide a broad, introductory overview of any of the topics listed below. A presentation may take the form of a Webinar and serves as a good primer for equity and inclusion.

Our workshops are generally offered in half-day increments (3-4 hours) and provide an introduction to any of the topics listed below as well as space to explore recommended tools and practices for growing equity and inclusion.

Our trainings are provided in full day increments (7-8 hours) and include an overview of the topic, an introduction to relevant tools, space for skill practice, and opportunity to explore how your group may wish to move forward in the creation of equitable and inclusive environments.

Retreats are generally one to two full days and include the same elements of a training with additional space and opportunities for deepening trust and familiarity that can support healing and sustained efforts toward organizational equity and inclusion.

Equity and Inclusion Institute Topics

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Race Equity
  • Gender Equity
  • Microaggressions
  • Implicit Bias
  • White Accomplice Training

In engaging Morten Group you can expect that the spaces we create will be focused on deepening participant’s comfort and familiarity with core concepts more than a review “terminology”. We will provide an overview of concepts, impacts, tools, skills, and resources that will support your group’s ability to deepen and sustain your work toward equity and inclusion.

When we look at equity we are very intentional about also naming inequity and oppression. Our approach is not one  that is centered around “celebrating difference” but on naming where and how structural inequities have been created and sustained, and how to begin to interrupt and shift those on an individual, interpersonal, and institutional level. Our approach calls on participants to be intentional about recognizing where they may hold privilege, as well as where they might heal from internalized oppression. The tools that we offer are provided with the hopes of cultivating a deepened understanding of one’s self, a commitment to deep listening, and a willingness to engage in at times difficult and uncomfortable conversations.

Are you ready to do Racial Equity work?