Julie joined Morten Group in 2019 as a facilitator for the Equity Institute.  As an actor in Chicago for over 20 years, Julie has performed at venues such as Victory Gardens, Northlight, Chicago Dramatists, Shattered Globe, Drury Lane, and 16th Street Theatre. As a writer, she works with 2nd Story, a collective of story-makers and story-lovers working together to build community through the power of storytelling. As a teaching artist, she creates performance pieces and stories with collaborators ages 5 to 85.

She is the Education Director at Lifeline Theatre, and has designed numerous programs for kids on topics ranging from bullying prevention to etiquette.

We asked Julie, “If you could have sit down to a meal with 2 people, living or dead, who would they be and why?”
For years, my #1 spot has been reserved for President Barak Obama, because I admire him so greatly. Recently, though, I have wondered if I would choose Michelle Obama – I would love to spend an evening in her wit and wisdom. Let’s put it this way: If Barak’s schedule makes him unavailable, I would be thrilled to have dinner with Michelle as my #1 choice. I could count the Obamas as my two people, of course, but I’d like to go in a completely different direction for my second choice. I have never been very captivated by celebrity, but I am starstruck by writers whose work I admire, especially poets and masters of the short story. So, from many, I would choose dinner with the writer Tessa Hadley.