Following Morten Group’s work on the LGBT Needs Assessment with the Chicago Community Trust, and on the “Your Voice! Your Health!” research study with the University of Chicago, we are continuing our commitment to exploring the needs of marginalized communities in Chicago by partnering with Howard Brown Health to conduct an assessment of the health needs of all women in the Chicagoland area.

As part of the assessment process, Morten Group will be conducting interviews, town halls – and an online survey.

We are hoping to reach between 750-1000 people all across Chicago! To participate in the online survey, click here: Women’s Needs Assessment Survey

If you are interested in participating in a town hall, check back here for dates and times, or you can also find the information on Howard Brown’s website, at

Other questions or concerns? Interested in participating in an interview? Email Morten Group Project Coordinator, Sarah Menke at

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