In April 2016, leadership at The National LGBTQ Task Force retained Morten Group to conduct an assessment of its annual Creating Change, “the nation’s preeminent political, leadership, and skills-building conference for the LGBT movement.”

The purpose of the assessment was to: 1) formulate a purpose statement for the Creating Change Conference that reflects the strategic vision of The Task Force and takes into account where the organization is in the LGBTQ movement; 2) determine how the operations, systems, decision making, and infrastructure needs of the conference are presently being met and what opportunities exist for the organization to strengthen the Task Force’s ability to produce the conference; and 3) explore how The Task Force can learn and adapt annually to LGBTQ movement trends and priorities, while maintaining programming and a constructive healthy conference culture that reflects the work of the organization. Morten Group collected data from more than 400 individuals from a number of different stakeholder groups by the way of three different data collection vehicles (online survey, interviews, and focus groups), and reported back on the strengths and assets of Creating Change, as well as its needs and challenges.

Please click the link below to download the full report. Thank you for your interest in Creating Change and the National LGBTQ Task Force.

Report to National LGBTQ Task Force


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