Amanda Paul (she/her/hers)

Amanda aims to combine her experience as a consultant, analyst, and technologist with her passion for fostering inclusive, equitable environments to do meaningful work that has a lasting impact. While working in technology and startup environments, her experiences validated the need for greater education around the impacts of systemic oppression. She believes in the importance of interrupting harmful behaviors, systems, and outcomes to create space for belonging and pave the way for a more collaborative and compassionate future.

Amanda earned her B.S. in Marketing with distinction from DePaul University. She is a fiercely proud Chicago native and currently resides in Andersonville with her partner and two cats.

We asked Amanda, “What is one thing you wish would come back in fashion?” She said, “One thing I wish would come back into fashion is handwriting notes and letters. For me, handwritten notes are like a piece of custom art, and it’s really meaningful when someone takes the time and care to put pen to paper. I think a person’s handwriting can also reveal a lot about them in that moment, which can be lost in electronic communication.”