June 1, 2020

Today, Morten Group denounces the sustained racist and state-sanctioned violence that has, in recent weeks, taken the lives of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and, no doubt, many others whose names we do not know. Our hearts are with their families and communities at this time and we reaffirm our most stringent efforts toward exposing and ending the systems that continue to oppress and exert violence upon Black and brown people. The fact that these acts continue to occur amidst a global pandemic in which Black and brown people are being disproportionately impacted only adds to our collective heart-ache.

Today also marks the start of international celebrations of LGBTQ+ pride. We recognize that all oppressions are inextricably linked and we assert that the same systems that oppress Black and brown folks also sustain the inequities experienced by LGBTQ+ people. We know that, in particular, Black transgender women are at disproportionate risk of violence and we also mourn the recent murder of Nina Pop.

We know that these are not isolated incidents. Black and brown people continue to experience a grievous lack of safety, opportunity, and investment in this country. We know that these deaths, and the miscarriages of justice that seek to displace blame and fail to hold accountable those individuals and systems who are most responsible, are rooted in long histories of colonialism, capitalism, slavery, and sustained structural oppression.

We also know that people of good conscience are weary, are fearful, and are full of righteous anger, as well as a profoundly deep and abiding love for Black and brown lives. We support the need and right to protest. We denounce the racist narratives that seek to shift focus away from the root causes of this civil unrest. We condemn any prioritization of property over human life. We continue our resolve to be part of the many individuals and institutions working hard to end racism and all forms of oppression.

We know that there are many paths to liberation and we call upon you to look into your heart today and ask yourself what role you can play in undoing the internalized and institutionalized legacies of white supremacy, and in creating a world of racial justice and equity. Morten Group remains as committed as ever to partnering with organizations willing to do this necessary and life-saving work.

Please stay safe, stay vigilant, and take care of one another.

In solidarity,
Morten Group

Vince Pagán

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