Vince joined Morten Group in 2012 as a Project Assistant and has since served as an employee of the company in various roles. Prior to becoming a Consulting Associate, Vince served as Morten Group’s Project and Operations Manager, where his responsibilities focused on office administration, systems and infrastructure, and project management. As a Consulting Associate, Vince works with clients in the areas of operations, strategic planning, and racial equity integration, in addition to workshop facilitation, interviews, focus groups, as well as data and research assessment generation.

Vince has also worked as a freelance teaching artist and uses his experience with theatre and storytelling for social change to inform his work at Morten Group. In the fall of 2015, Vince introduced a series of workshops for Morten Group focused on storytelling and fundraising as a part of the company’s resource development services.

Vince holds a BA in Theatre Studies from Ithaca College. He is fluent in Spanish.

We asked Vince, “What is the best gift you have ever given?” He said, “Last year for his birthday I bought my 8 year old brother a few of the books I really loved when I was his age and getting into reading. He got through them in a snap and asked me to get him more. It was lovely to be able to share that with him.”