About the Organization

Established in 1987 as the Test Positive Aware Network, TPAN’s mission is, “Saving lives and empowering people affected by HIV/AIDS and related challenges.” Armed with the vision of providing lifesaving care and far-reaching education to people affected by HIV that improves quality of life, TPAN is committed to its grassroots foundation as a highly mobilized, peer-led and community-based organization that maintains its key value of self-empowerment.

Initially founded as a grassroots resource for those struggling with an HIV diagnosis, TPAN’s work has expanded to meet clients’ needs, whatever they may be, and provides information and access to care with efficacious attention and a non-judgmental philosophy.

While HIV is a common concern for the organization’s clients, it is not the only issue addressed, as almost 30% of those who visit TPAN are homeless, and many are coping with mental health or substance use issues. TPAN’s free services address co-occurring conditions faced by HIV-positive and vulnerable individuals, including but not limited to HIV stigma, mental illness, substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment, extreme poverty and inadequate access to healthcare.

TPAN’s staff are trained to work with clients using a holistic approach, which allows medical, social, emotional, and psychological problems to be addressed simultaneously. This client-centered approach addresses various clinical complexities and treats the whole person, not simply parts of the person or their individual illnesses or problems.

About the Position

TPAN is seeking a new CEO that will serve as the leader and public face of the organization. The successful candidate will be engaging, personable and possess strong leadership skills with an ability to lead a highly-skilled and knowledgeable team. The CEO will report directly to the Board of Directors and work in concert with the senior leadership team. The CEO will be expected to develop a strategic vision for the future of TPAN and demonstrate innovative thinking and judicious use of resources. This person will also foster and develop strong relationships with clients, government agencies, philanthropic enterprises and community partners. Therefore, candidates with a strong connection to the community that TPAN serves and the Chicagoland area are especially encouraged to apply.


Click here to view the full position description, essential qualifications, and application instructions.

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