Norma Seledon is a Mexican immigrant and has been a resident of Chicago for over 45 years.  She has over 25 years of professional commitment to community and grassroots development around issues of women’s and youth leadership, education attainment by underrepresented groups, domestic violence, sexual assault, substance abuse, cultural sensitivity and environmental health.

She is a former director of community-based organization Mujeres Latinas en Acción and has served on various non-profit and government advisory committees including the Mayor’s Advisory council on Women’s Affairs, Latino Affairs, the Governor’s advisory on violence prevention and co-directed Amigas Latinas, an affinity group for Latina Lesbians.

She has a 25-year history of developing grassroots leadership development programs for women, youth and Latino communities.  She is presently employed by the Grants Department of Chicago Public Schools, sits on various non-profit boards and also provides workshops on topics of minority access to higher education, domestic violence prevention, anti-racism, homophobia and cultural sensitivity, organizational conflict resolution, as well as non-profit management and board development.

Norma holds a BS from Loyola University, an MA from Northeastern University and is a PhD Candidate in the Community Psychology Program at National Louis University.  Her research projects center around women’s leadership development and grassroots organizational wellness.

We asked Norma, “If you could share a meal with any two individuals, living or dead, who would you choose and why?” She said, “I have always answered with “Maya Angelou” or “Isabel Allende”, because they are my favorite writers. I love how their journeys have informed their writing. They are both unapologetic about their lives, their bodies, their stories. However, as I grow older I crave more and more the lost opportunity to extract the stories of the journeys of my grandparents, & great grandparents. If I could, I would host a grand feast and invite them all for a good meal and storytelling!”