Join consultant, filmmaker and activist Mary F. Morten as she delves into what it’s like to operate within and outside of the nonprofit industrial complex. Along with her special guests, Mary will answer questions from listeners and cover topics including racial and gender equity, and the experiences of people of color in leadership development and the nonprofit workforce.

Mary + Sol
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Ep. 6: Darlene

Mary and Rockwood Leadership Institute‘s Darlene Nipper and discuss Darlene’s connections to Washington D.C., Rockwood’s work, and the unique process of executing the Institute’s recent succession plan. They go into Darlene’s journey from trainer to CEO, and they end the episode by answering a few of your questions!

Episode 6: Darlene

Ep 5: Kaethe

Mary talks to Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation’s (CAASE) Executive Director, Kaethe Morris Hoffer. The two discuss Kaethe’s Quaker-rooted road to feminism, her experience in legislative advocacy, the #MeToo Movement, the vital work of CAASE, and of course, they answer a few of your questions!

Episode 5: Kaethe

Ep. 4: Sean

Mary talks to Building Movement Project’s Co-director Sean Thomas-Breitfeld. Mary and Sean discuss the different iterations of the Race to Leadreport, and dive into the nuances of collecting and presenting community data within and on behalf of the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. 


Episode 4: Sean

Ep 3: Yolanda

Mary and Fund the People Vice President Yolanda Caldera-Durant discuss how Yolanda got her start in philanthropy and the important work of her organization. They discuss burn out culture, talent investment, how we can support our nonprofit employees, and the amazing tools available at

Episode 3: Yolanda

Ep. 2: Sol

Mary talks to La Casa Norte Executive Director and newly appointed Illinois Deputy Governor Sol Flores about LCN’s new facility and her new job in the Governor’s administration. Then Mary and Sol answer some questions from listeners!

Episode 2: Sol

Ep. 1: Edgar

Mary sits down with Edgar Villanueva, author of Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance. Mary and Edgar discuss his book, the Native Way, and how we can be more responsible with our philanthropy.

Episode 1: Edgar