Cece is currently a senior consultant with Morten Group, where her work has focused on racial equity facilitation and organizational assessments.

Cece Lobin has been an activist and organizer for more than twenty-five years. During that time, she’s worked in partnership with organizations, institutions, coalitions and corporations on issues of equity and justice. The focus of her public policy and programming efforts are in the area’s of domestic violence, reproductive rights, welfare reform, homelessness and housing, economic development, and progress for women and girls.

In 1999, Cece began her own consulting firm, working with non-profit organizations and government agencies on strategic planning, program development, communications, event coordination and board development.

Prior to that, Cece served as Executive Director of the Advisory Council on Women for the City of Chicago. As a mayoral appointee, she worked as the liaison between the women’s community, broadly speaking, and the city administration. She served as a convener for funders, media, non-profits, academics and government agencies, all working collaboratively on behalf women and girls.

She has served on several Boards of Directors, including the Illinois Women’s Agenda, Illinois Pro-Choice Alliance, The Work Welfare and Family Coalition, Commission on Women’s Equality for the American Jewish Congress, Chicago Foundation for Women’s Allocations Committee, and the United Way’s Discrimination Priority Grants Committee.

We asked Cece, “If you could share a meal with any 2 individuals, living or dead, who would you choose and why?” She said, “If I could share a meal with any two individuals it would be Michelle and Barack Obama, because I’d love them to share their wisdom on gender and racial equity.”