2018 Chicago LGBTQ Community Needs Assessment

On Wednesday, October 17, Morten Group, in partnership with the LGBT Community Fund of the Chicago Community Trust, kicked off the 2018 Chicago LGBTQ Community Needs Assessment at Howard Brown Health – Clark. During this launch, Morten Group shared the 2011 Community Needs Assessment data and presented the 2018 Community Needs Assessment process.

To access the survey link for the 2018 LGBTQ Community Needs Assessment, click [HERE].


LGBTQ: What’s New?

In the fall of 2011, Morten Group conducted the LGBT Community Needs Assessment (LCNA) on behalf of the LGBT Community Fund at The Chicago Community Trust. Over 2,000 individuals participated, and the information we gathered informed three subsequent rounds of grantmaking by the LGBT Community Fund, which you can read about [HERE]. You can read the summary of findings [HERE].

The world has changed so much over the past seven years – so we’re launching round two of the assessment! For this reason, The LGBT Community Fund has again partnered with Morten Group to launch a new assessment. “LGBTQ: What’s New?” will be designed to capture the strengths, assets, needs and challenges of today’s 2018 Chicagoland LGBTQ community, primarily via an online survey.

There has not been a comprehensive needs assessment of the Chicago area’s LGBTQ community conducted since our last one in 2011, and in general there is not enough data available about LGBTQ populations nationwide, making this effort hugely significant not only to inform future grantmaking decisions by The LGBT Community Fund of The Chicago Community Trust, but for community representation in research literature more broadly. A community needs assessment happens only with the support and participation of folks in the community.

To access the survey link for the 2018 LGBTQ Community Needs Assessment, click [HERE].



On October 24, Morten Group’s Keisha Farmer-Smith and Chicago LGBT Fund’s Adnaan Hamid, speak about the 2018 LGBTQ Community Needs Assessment sharing the purpose and meaning behind the assessment, as well as what the process entails. To listen, click [HERE].


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